When are you live?

DeFinch goes live 6 days a week at 6pm MST. You can join the Discord channel and turn on notifications for the updates channel, or follow DeFinch on Twitter and Facebook to be alerted when the stream is live.

How/when did you start streaming?

I've been streaming regularly since early February, 2015! I streamed for 6 months whilst studying a double degree in law and commerce just as a hobby, I found the entire experience so enjoyable I felt really uncomfortable about accepting any kind of donation for what I did. After persistent requests, I opened up donations for the first time and within the first week received a $1000 donation, I hadn't even for a moment considered that this may be something that I could viably do as a career until that very moment. 2 weeks later after much deliberation, I decided to take a huge risk and take a chance at being a full-time livestreamer.

I gave up my full scholarship at university, moved to a more expensive apartment so I could get a better internet connection, and switched from Twitch (the most well-known streaming platform) to YouTube live which was still in beta at that time. Failing at something I was so in love with was simply not an option, so I really took every risk I could to get where I am today. When I started I streamed twice a day, my only breaks were in the middle of the day to eat and rest briefly, and then an hour before I slept, I never took days off. In my spare time I would watch back my own live stream videos to see where I could improve and be more entertaining. I pushed myself hard because I was supporting myself, had bills to pay, and wanted to do absolutely everything in my power to be one of the best live streams on any website.

I'm always looking to improve my stream, even now, but I've come a long way. I've peaked at 3000 viewers and have a consistent viewerbase of a few hundred loyal viewers regardless of which game I play. I'm extremely grateful to have such an amazing and supportive community who continue to support me and allow me to live this incredible dream of being an entertaininer. I will always be grateful that my fans saw the potential and believed in me.

How old are you? What's your real name?

I was born on the 20th of April, 1994. My real name is Lisa.

What's your Discord server?

I'm a Discord partner, you can find my server at Discord.gg/DeFinch

How can I support your stream?

My job is unique in that all of my support comes directly from my viewers and fans. My community literally puts food on my table and allows me to afford to live and pay my bills whilst doing this job. I'm incredibly grateful. Donating to the livestream is one of the ways to support me, as well as buying from my store, and sponsoring the stream monthly. Not all of my community, however, can afford to support the stream through monetary means but it is absolutely not the only way to support me!

You can support me by:
➜ Inviting a friend to the stream
➜ Sharing the stream on Facebook and Twitter when I'm live
➜ Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
➜ Watch and participate in chat when I go live!

Are you open to collabs?

Yes! I'm very open all types of collaborations including working with photographers (I'm currently based in Phoenix, USA). I'm only currently looking to collab with creators around similar size or larger. Please contact me with a full proposal and I will get back to you.

Play my game!

I am only interested in paid sponsorships for promotions. Please email me through my contact page.

I don't often take game requests from my fans, due to the overwhelming amount I get. However, for single donations for $1k+ I will play a game request of your choosing whilst live. I also sometimes open game requests/votes for stream for hitting subscriber milestones! I also do seriously consider playing a particular game if I get a lot of the same one requested in my YouTube comments (NOT in the live video chat).


live personality

Lisa, better known by DeFinch, is a live streaming personality, cosplaying enthusiast and gamer based in Australia. DeFinch is known for her live streaming shows attracting a large audience. She is most prominent on YouTube Live, where she entertains, commentates and plays a variety of games for hundreds of people daily. DeFinch has a reputation for making people laugh, her entertaining reactions and a strong fan based community she refers to affectionately as “The Flock”. She is a very interactive live streamer, where live comments and donation messages are a huge part of the show.

DeFinch is always working hard to improve herself and her content for her continuously growing community. She strives to make her community a positive environment for her many fans and new viewers, as well as being open to feedback from her audience in ways she can improve her streams and other content.

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